We converse best words of dictionary and our deepest sense of gratefulness with in-numerous thanks to the most beneficent, the most compassionate and the most gracious ALMIGHTY ALLAH, with whose bounteous blessings shine our thoughts and ambitions to thrive and flourish to bear the fruit of our modest efforts in the form of this manuscript.
We will be gone astray in our duties if we do not thank the whole NGOs of world who supported the group of people (society) mentally and spiritually during the whole programs focusing Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) always helped Communities in solving all the troubles with their love, affection, encouragement, inspiration and boosted their morale to fly high to accomplish their goals and wished to see them distinguished and outstanding.
Our BODs team dedicates profile of “MANZIL” Balochistan to our loving Community and all executive members of different districts including the partner NGOs, Our utmost indebtedness is also reserved for our social workforce for their esoteric attention and limitless efforts to make our life fruitful.
Also we are passionately thankful to them for their moral support and devoted prayers to keep our spirits high during the initial phases of this task