Category: MO-Sectors

Poverty Alleviation

Poverty is prevailing mostly in the rural areas of Baluchistan; to triumph over poverty; Human Resource Development is the most significant & effective approach in reducing poverty:– By introducing income generating programs i.e. Technical Vocational Centers and encouraging rural/urban men and women in production of their handicraft materials and introducing them to the local markets. […]

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Social Welfare Sector

Our organization is very somber on the subject of Social Welfare of women and children in the rural parts of the province; this sector needs to be prioritized to look after the communities and make effective measures with integrity for the betterment of their welfare. The community needs appropriate guidance regarding performing their responsibility in […]

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Development Sector

Establishing of Poultry and Fish Farms in the rural areas of Baluchistan. Supply of clean drinking water to the rural communities as well as cleaning of existing dumped karez will also be included in the organization’s development program. Provide awareness to the rural communities about hygienically clean environment and facilitating them accordingly. Constructing of sewerage […]

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Human Resource Development

Establishment of vocational centers in the rural areas to promote income generating activities through technical and mechanical skills. Focusing especially on providing hand on skills to the women of the rural areas through vocational centers. Establishing of computer centers for the educated youth of the rural areas both males and females in order to familiarizing […]

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Health Sector

To improve the existing conditions of the health centers and basic health units in the rural areas of Baluchistan. Establishing new health centers and basic health units in the remote areas of Baluchistan with the help of local communities. Organizing of health Workshops, Seminars and Training programs for the rural male and female communities and […]

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Education Sector

To improve the existing condition schools in rural areas of Baluchistan. To establish new schools in the various needy parts of the province with the support of rural communities. To engage the rural communities to increase the number of school going children, establishment of new schools especially for girls. Take care of poor and deprived […]

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