Manzil Organization Balochistan’s Mission

To build up enhanced social environment for the disadvantaged people of rural and urban areas of Baluchistan. By execution of various programs on Poverty Alleviation and Capacity Enhancement for the people of Baluchistan through introduction of Education, Health, Hygiene, Vocational Trainings and Development activities such as; Water & Sanitation projects, pour water supplies to communities, help them in agriculture and farming fields. Instigating from grass root level, to motivate, mobilize & empower the entire communities economically; including men, women & children in changing their present harsh living conditions by utilizing their own potential resources. In this respect also involve the religious personalities of the area where they have a big influence amongst communities of Baluchistan. To educate and motivate the people, sensitize policy makers and functionaries and promote activities and programs of the Government; as well as the people, to achieve Manzil’s vision in the foreseeable future.