Role of the Board

BOD is the volunteer legislative body of the organization, which develops and approves the organizational policy. Monitors and supervise the policy to be implemented accordingly. However, there are certain responsibilities assigned to the BOD by the policy and constitution of the organization for the smooth operation and accountability within the organization.
The following are the main responsibilities of the Board of Directors;

  1. Approve the policy annually.
  2. Selection and appointment of Executive Director.
  3. Operate the main current and endowment accounts of the organization.
  4. Operate the bank account with the respective Executive Directors.
  5. Review the financial and field performance on Annual basis.
  6. Resolve the grievance / conflict of employees as defined in the hiring and termination section of the organizational policy.
  7. Approve Audit Company for the annual audit of the organization.

    The organization believes in participatory decision-making and operation of the organization. Therefore Board of Directors has empowered the professional staff to execute most of the major organizational decisions at the operational level themselves.